Managing Obstacles

I got a new woodstove!

Today’s challenge was getting the 200 lbs. box made of soapstone & cast iron from the back of the Subaru and into the house with the help of my 103 lbs. feldi sister, Linda, and a hand truck. Hmmm… how can we do this?

So here’s what we did:

1st- We imagined what we were going to do, step by step, with as much detail as possible. [Just like a Feldi lesson!]

2nd- We went slow & paused often. When we came to an obstacle, where someone bigger or stronger would have muscled through… we couldn’t. So we retreated & reassessed & got creative & tried something different. We left space & time for learning to happen. [Not unlike a Feldi lesson!]

3rd- Success and celebration! [Just like my favorite Feldi lessons!]

There was a point halfway up the stairs where Linda & I both felt the stove suddenly get lighter! … probably a combo of efficient self-use, leverage & my visiting aunt's fervent prayers.

Thanks Linda & Dada!