About Anita

I am a licensed landscape architect and a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.

As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I help people move and feel better using gentle movement and the ‘magic’ of neuroplasticity.

As a landscape architect, I worked for the US Forest Service for 10 years, designing public lands and recreation areas. In 2006, I founded a design/build firm in the San Francisco Bay area, BuenoLuna Landscape Design. The firm focused on creating beautiful, residential-scale, low water, edible, and habitat- producing landscapes.   

I have merged my two professions by harnessing the mind-body connection. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds who want to improve their performance or creative passion, be it playing a sport or music, dancing, designing, writing, creating art, or simply wanting to think, move and feel better.

Anita has an MLA from UC Berkeley and a BA from Colgate University in philosophy and religion. 

Her diverse background includes time living in India studying yoga and Carnatic music, traveling her ancestral island of Hispaniola and Central America, working as a bicycle mechanic, selling books, welding and pouring bronze sculpture, gardening a large private estate, rock climbing, bike touring, and commercial fishing in the Bering Sea. 

For fun, Anita still likes to figure skate, watercolor, fix things, play drums, grow food, and make her own clothes. Anita currently lives in Cazenovia, NY, with her pitty, Carla.