Contemplating Mother's Day

Mothers are our 1st examples of the Gift Economy.

As babies, we all experience being the recipient of unilateral giving because babies can't live without maternal care, no matter who is doing the mothering: women or men, birth mothers or…

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4 Magic Questions

As you may have heard, I recently presented a workshop at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture with a colleague/ friend named Joy Kuebler. Over 20 years of designing public spaces, she developed a fun, unique and effective process of…

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Sunshine Musings

My current musing:

What does it mean to “deserve” something? Do we deserve where we are born, or what we are given? Do some people deserve to be wealthy and others deserve to be poor?

The more I think about…

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Managing Obstacles

I got a new woodstove!

Today’s challenge was getting the 200 lbs. box made of soapstone & cast iron from the back of the Subaru and into the house with the help of my 103 lbs. feldi sister, Linda, and…

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We all are on a journey, and the journey takes us places we never imagined... And when we think we want to step into the world to serve, and serve in a role of leading, we may find that the

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Not Trying

Who said, “It is better to try & fail, than not try at all.”
And did anyone say, “It's best to not try and still succeed!”

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Acting from Abundance

So I recently returned from the annual Landscape Architecture Conference, and I now know that Halloween weekend in Minneapolis is a Thing! I also learned a bit about how your internal attitude changes your world.

The conference is driven by…

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With Loss Comes Freedom

It's not what I asked for, but I'm finding myself learning to navigate all this space that has opened up in my new life without a pup to hospice. One thing that's oh so tempting is to just mindlessly fill…

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Full-On Living

This week I gave Carla her final trip to the vet.

I had to make an appointment to euthanize her, so I knew Monday was her last walk by the creek, her last meal, her last day of rolling in…

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