Contemplating Mother's Day

Mothers are our 1st examples of the Gift Economy.

As babies, we all experience being the recipient of unilateral giving because babies can't live without maternal care, no matter who is doing the mothering: women or men, birth mothers or aunts, whole villages, or paid caregivers.

And on a grander scale, Mother Earth is the primordial example of how a gift economy functions, unilaterally providing everything we need without insisting on anything in exchange.

Our ultimate responsibility is to respond with gratitude.

As Indigenous biologist, Robin Wall Kimmerer says in her essay about berries, 

"Gratitude is so much more than a polite “thank you.” It is the thread that connects us in a deep relationship, simultaneously physical and spiritual, as our bodies are fed and spirits nourished by the sense of belonging..."


Happy Mother's Day Mamma Earth