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Managing Obstacles

I got a new woodstove!

Today’s challenge was getting the 200 lbs. box made of soapstone & cast iron from the back of the Subaru and into the house with the help of my 103 lbs. feldi sister, Linda, and…

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We all are on a journey, and the journey takes us places we never imagined... And when we think we want to step into the world to serve, and serve in a role of leading, we may find that the

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Not Trying

Who said, “It is better to try & fail, than not try at all.”
And did anyone say, “It's best to not try and still succeed!”

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Breathe in, Breathe out

Each breath is a gift given and received.

With each breath we literally are connecting our internal and external worlds. We take in the atmosphere around us, and we give back body-warmed air. We keep the oxygen gifted by plants…

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Somatic Interventions for Productivity: Movement

The mind and body are an integrated mobius strip which influence one another. How we move changes how we think, and recent neuroscience explains this interconnection in ever increasing clarity. As designers, we can integrate this information into our professional…

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Feldi Principles for Lessons... and Life! 

Listening is necessary to connect, communicate and understand. To listen, we must find quiet... and that takes time. In a culture where time is often perceived as scarce and is equated with money, taking time is an act of defiance…

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Learning How To Learn

 "I am going to be your last teacher. Not because I'll be the greatest teacher you may ever encounter, but because from me, you will learn how to learn. When you learn how to learn, you will realize that there…

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