Feldi Principles for Lessons... and Life! 

Listening is necessary to connect, communicate and understand. To listen, we must find quiet... and that takes time. In a culture where time is often perceived as scarce and is equated with money, taking time is an act of defiance. Yet, this is exactly what is needed for change to happen.

Feldenkrais ® principles that apply to anything we do:

Listen to what's really happening, internally and externally.
Honor what is, without immediately jumping to judgement 
Cultivate curiosity and wonder 
Attend to both the details and the big picture 
Pause often - making space for reflection, integration and allowing something new to emerge 
Look for variation - exploring multiple paths towards accomplishment 
Play - find delight in everyday things 
Encourage & Hold patience to resist the culture of urgency 

Start small, finding a few seconds to sit, rest, breathe between your Must Dos. Our nervous system is very agile and can respond and recover with just a few seconds of pausing, sensing and grounding. Surprise yourself!

Change starts from within