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I saw this on a protest sign this morning. The protest was in the next town over, in Manlius, NY, which is 15 minutes from my home.

1st Response:  feeling the wave of shock and fear crawl through…

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A Culture of Listening

Contrary to what most folks think, listening is not a passive intellectual exercise. It's an active, embodied skill, that get easier with practice. 

Our culture values talking over listening. We attend to those who speak up, we praise those who…

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How to Interrupt Capitalist Culture

The world is changing around us at an alarmingly fast rate. 20 years ago, I was drawn to landscape architecture because I believed through this discipline, I could help protect nature and connect people to the environment and each other.…

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Everything is Connected

We've all heard this, and I think, deep inside, we know this is truth - but it's hard to live it when we are immersed so completely in our modern culture which functions on separating everything. It’s how we speak…

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The Trouble with Capitalism

Sometimes internal work goes external, and vice versa. I tend to focus on individual development and self-care, but lately it's systemic change that has been occupying my thoughts, because the internal and the external are not so different. [More on…

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Feldi Principles for Lessons... and Life! 

Listening is necessary to connect, communicate and understand. To listen, we must find quiet... and that takes time. In a culture where time is often perceived as scarce and is equated with money, taking time is an act of defiance…

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Anti-Racist Resource Guide

So, as an American person living inside a light brown body for 5 decades, I have experienced innumerable incidents of bias, micro-aggressions, and overt racism, and I've also been accused of not being black or Latina enough, and I have…

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