Real Needs

Sometimes I find myself thinking about all the stuff I need that I don't have, or feeling like I'm lacking, or impoverished, and that I need more. I call this scarcity thinking.

The idea of scarcity is what drives the economic machine. We are encouraged to think in terms of scarcity because it turns us into “good consumers.”  Scarcity thinking surrounds us, and it's practically impossible to not get caught up in it.

When that happens, I can physically FEEL the sensation of lacking... it's an undulating mix of anxiety, constriction, jealousy, frustration, and yearning. This doesn't feel good.

Fortunately, the antidote is laughably simple…

I just stop.

I allow myself a quick time-out to simply rest in fullness... in the FEELING of abundance. I start by focusing on all that I already have (stuff, friends, shelter, food, Carla). I fill myself up with the FEELING of expansion, connectedness, satiation, gratitude and safety. This feels good!

Then I can easily identify my real needs, without going down the scarcity vortex.

Plus, I feel more generous, grounded, fulfilled, trusting and loving... and isn't that what we really need?