Not Trying

Who said, “It is better to try & fail, than not try at all.”
And did anyone say, “It's best to not try and still succeed!”

I like that second one. I'm going to make that my motto... at least when it comes to creativity & movement.

Creativity arises when you give it space to emerge. It's the paradox of being attentive without trying to be attentive.

The harder you try to be creative, the faster it slips away. Trying involves effort, meanwhile creativity is effortless. When it kicks in, everything is easy, it just pours out of you.

It's a lot like finding the groove of a Feldi lesson. You attend to a movement, without "trying," and suddenly something clicks! Obstacles dissolve, solutions arise, and you can sense possibility in what was once impossible!

There are few things more enjoyable than that Aha! moment. But we can't make it happen. We can only set up the conditions that allow it to happen, and then wait in uncertainty, with openness & curiosity, and trust in the process.