The Heart of Who We Are

Today I was contemplating how many Me's there are.

As a kid, I remember carrying a lot of Me's around. I had the Spanish speaking me at home, and the English speaking American me at school. I had the graceful figure skating me, and the tomboy me that hung with my neighborhood friends. I purposely kept these groups of folks separated because they all knew a different me. How cumbersome and exhausting!

These days I've got got a lot fewer me's, and although I've mostly melded my professional and personal personas, I'm still not wholly integrated. Our culture won't allow it. 

I started imagining what would be different if I was authentically myself all the time? What if I could bring all of myself into everything, every situation, without feeling the need to keep parts hidden. What if culture allowed for everyone to do the same, accepting everyone as a complete, fascinating, diverse and imperfect person? 

Just something I was thinking...