Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

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Mindful Movement

Clearer Thinking, More Ease, Better Movement

Use the mind-body connection to ease stress, find comfort and power, and bring your creative brain online. 


End result: you can move easier, feel better, think clearer, and be more productive. 


All Levels, Beginners Welcome

Mondays @ 12 noon EDT*

Tuesdays@ 8:15 pm EDT

Sunday Series

Intermediate to advanced classes focused around a monthly theme. 
Sunday @ 12:30 pm EDT



Holistic Pelvic Health for Men & Women.

Pelvic floor health is a vital and natural part of ourselves, and, like everything else, it works best when coordinated with the surrounding musculature. This series can help with lower back pain, hip issues, prolapse, impotence, mild incontinence, and overall mobility.




Your breath can either help or hinder your movements. Find more ease and power by experimenting with how you pair breath and action. 



My signature workshop now offered exclusively for subscribers!

Learn how to tap into your creative brain and discover new paths toward your creative potential in whatever type of work you do. We will be combining movement with simple drawing or writing exercises, to make both your body and your mind more flexible.


Hands & Feet

Reintroduce yourself to the bio-mechanical marvels that are your hands and feet.


Subscriber's choice

What would you like to do better? Let me know and we'll do it together.

Past Classes

JULY 2021


Can you sit better? Why, yes!

Contrary to what many think, sitting is an active endeavor, and poor sitting habits can increase stress, reduce productivity, cause fatigue, and generally be a big bummer. Explore the act of sitting and find more comfort while you work, play an instrument, or watch movies.


June 2021

About face

Our face is the only place where our musculature is attached to skin, so we can directly see and feel changes in muscle tone. Everyone’s got a million hidden habits in how we use the muscles the control our eyes, neck, tongue and jaw. This series will explore some of them, using new lessons that we haven’t done before.

May 2021

Movement for gardeners

A series made especially for gardeners... or anyone who likes to move ;-)

Learn to work smarter as you till, prune, dig, bend, gather, lift, push and pull yourself around your garden.

April 2021

Book on Foot

We'll be playing on the floor this month, discovering new ways to use books to find more mobility in your hips, ankles, ribs and spine.

You'll need a large, thin, hardcover book that won't mind being dropped! A children's picture book is ideal. Borrow one from your kids, your friend's kids, or the library.

March 2021


The floor is your playground. Explore how moving across the floor translates into easier movement everywhere, whether laying down, sitting standing or walking.

February 2021

New Beginings

How do you start something new?
How you choose to approach the beginning of something can determine how it will unfold. Using movement as a metaphor, we will play with the infinite variety of how we initiate change in our lives.

January 2021

Ground Forces

In uncertain times, we could all use a bit of grounding. We will explore how we use ourselves to find support through our spine, ribs, pelvis, hands, feet and even eyes… literally connecting to the earth that supports us.