Letting Go

Sometimes the obstacle that's keeping you from moving forward is behind you. It's an anchor, keeping you in place despite efforts to move, change, or flow.

I realized recently that what was challenging me was myself… holding on to my…

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Breathe in, Breathe out

Each breath is a gift given and received.

With each breath we literally are connecting our internal and external worlds. We take in the atmosphere around us, and we give back body-warmed air. We keep the oxygen gifted by plants…

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Mindful Bodies

This summer I had the pleasure (and the challenge!) of teaching mindfulness to 30 humans, aged 5-14, for our local 4-H day camp!

The biggest surprise was how effective the sound of a mindfulness bell was to immediately quiet the…

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Active Surrender

Living in a body with RA has taught me a lot about the limits of force and the usefulness of surrender. 

I used to think surrender meant losing, failure, quitting, a total collapse of will and effort… something to be…

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Process - Driven Living

So what do you do when things don't go according to plan?

I couldn't get the help I was counting on for installing 300 sq. ft. of Saltillo tile on my new floor, and my experience installing this uniquely Mexican…

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I saw this on a protest sign this morning. The protest was in the next town over, in Manlius, NY, which is 15 minutes from my home.

1st Response:  feeling the wave of shock and fear crawl through…

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A Culture of Listening

Contrary to what most folks think, listening is not a passive intellectual exercise. It's an active, embodied skill, that get easier with practice. 

Our culture values talking over listening. We attend to those who speak up, we praise those who…

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Real Needs

Sometimes I find myself thinking about all the stuff I need that I don't have, or feeling like I'm lacking, or impoverished, and that I need more. I call this scarcity thinking.

The idea of scarcity is what drives the…

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Holding Paradox

The last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, as I am in the process of building my little 24' x 30' dream house! 

From one moment to the next I oscillate from completely thrilled and delighted, to panic and…

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The Heart of Who We Are

Today I was contemplating how many Me's there are.

As a kid, I remember carrying a lot of Me's around. I had the Spanish speaking me at home, and the English speaking American me at school. I had the graceful…

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How to Interrupt Capitalist Culture

The world is changing around us at an alarmingly fast rate. 20 years ago, I was drawn to landscape architecture because I believed through this discipline, I could help protect nature and connect people to the environment and each other.…

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